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The future is creativity and design. Creativity to develop new ideas, strategy and products.
The various actors in the creative design process need to be managed in order to meet a company’s ultimate needs.


We enable, lead and form your team, all partners and all disciplines involved in a creative process – through our creative management.

Together we shape companies and innovations.

Our focus is on products, AI, sustainability, team leadership and user-centered development.



Based on 28 years of experience, we lead teams through 5 mindset topics. We have defined many tools for this.
This enables us to create an extraordinary product or to build up a creative company structure.


Delfine your „Why“? Why are you doing your work? Why are you special? The result is your company or team „why“.

Track your tasks or project requirements. Focus always on the mission.

In all you develop: put the user or customer in the center of focus. The user is one of the main success factors of a product.

A motivated team is the most powerful part of an innovation process. Thus work on your team and let it grow.

In every development process excellent tools and workshops are main elements of a good team communication 

„Design ALWAYS shapes the visible image of a company. It creates an image for the customer. This is why managing all of the factors that put this picture together is so extraordanry important!“


He studied industrial design at Folkwang and Alvaar Aalto University. Christof worked for many agencies and cross-functional teams in Germany and Netherlands, is founder, lecturer and network-initiator. 

His clients are from startup till big market player. For his work he won many awards and is owner of innovative patents. 
Christof’s unique position is knowledge of numerous industries, cross-functional collaboration and his visionary, innovative thinking.

“Good design doesn’t depend on a large number of design sketches. What is important is a brilliant idea and a strategy that involves the user. Design integrated in a business case and alignment with a clear mission. This interaction must be coordinated with specialist knowledge and leadership skills. For me that is excellent design management“